Thursday, September 28, 2006

Quick Update

Hank is doing very well. We took him in for his three-week checkup and he is up over his birth weight (now at 9 lbs 3 oz). He seems to have a touch of reflux (heartburn) so we've got some medicine for that, and he seems to be much happier after mealtimes now.

He is starting to hold his head up with some confidence, and had his first real bath in his bathtub last night. He has graduated from Newborn diapers to "1" diapers, and is regularly wearing 0-3 month clothes instead of Newborns.

He's starting to smile a little bit (for real, not just gas) and if Penny sticks out her tongue at him, Henry will stick his tongue out back at her.

Unfortunately his S.A.T. scores were a little disappointing (math & science...always math & science), so he'll be re-testing in the spring, and while his driving still needs work, he's much better at parallel parking than I was at three weeks old.