Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cue Twilight Zone Music

So this is weird...Our dryer was making really bad noises (like scraping, grinding and other non-dryer noises) so Earl and I tore the whole thing apart and replaced some parts (it is totally fixed now, thank you very much).

When we tipped it over there were a lot of clunking and falling noises going on inside the dryer itself, and when we pulled the front panel off, this is what we found inside:

Pick a Winner
Like 35 guitar picks.

I'm sure this is from having a guitar pick in my pocket coming back from gigs or practice back when I used to be a rock star, throwing my jeans in the wash and not checking the pockets. So if you are a struggling musician and can't understand why you're always needing to buy new guitar picks: Check your dryer.

The totally bizarre thing is... Check out this pick:
in case you can't read it, the name reads Henry Johnson

Holy Crap-Moley!

Now, casting my memory back through the ages...I quit the band in early December and we found out we were going to have Hank on X-mas Eve (and the name didn't come along until even later) so how long ago did this pick leave my fingers and end up in the dryer? Porchsleeper formed in 2002, but I was playing guitar for years before that...and that dryer was there when we moved in...WHAT IF IT ISN'T EVEN MY PICK!?!?!?!?!1?
cue Twilight Zone music

Anyhoo, Hank is good. He's got five teeth now and is crawling a little bit (kind of like an army-man scooch rather than the real deal). He really likes being outside (on the few nice days that we've had) and looks forward to Summer.

We have started introducing vegentables into his diet, starting with carrots. The jury is still out...he's into it for a couple bites, but then kind of gets this weird look on his face like "What are you people doing to me?" so we'll see what happens there.

A couple Photos:

Nekkid and crawlin'

Jus' Chillin'