Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"No, I got 'em all cut."

So Hank just came back from his very first real haircut. We've been struggling to cut his hair but he gets all squealy when we get out the scissors. He cringes and and squinches up his neck so the only way Penny's been able trim his hair while he's sleeping.

He and Penny went to Arcade Barbers in Ann Arbor where they have a cool racecar barber's chair that Hank apparently was interested in, and the apron had a robot on it, so that was a plus. The woman who cut his hair was a total pro and Penny did a terrific job of keeping him distracted.

He was a total champ during the whole process.

The cardboard boxes are from the Ikea desk we put together.
It is recycling day.

The back.

It's a little shorter than we were originally thinking, but since we didn't know when we'd be able to get him in "the chair" again so we had the barber just go for it. I think it looks really cute.

He got a sucker when he was done.
It is grape.