Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Game On

Hank has been really into playing games lately.


This post has some links to his fave games.

Harry Potter's Virtual Castle
A very fun and easy Lego game where the player needs to go from location to location getting keys and other objects.
This is one that Hank can do on his own. with just a bit of help.

Tangled: Double Trouble
A fun (mostly non-violent) game featuring Rapunzel and Flynn from the ht movie "Tangled"
You need to navigate the heroes through the forest and caves past the guards.

Toy Story 3: Daycare Dash
Guide Woody, Buzz and Jessie through obstacles in the daycare.
Not rocket science, but the player needs to decide which player to use for each task. That means it is educational. Shut up. It does.

Transformers: Capture the Cube
A blatant shill for Mountain Dew: The player needs to sneak around a hidden base disguised as a Mountain Dew vending machine.
Still fun.

Transformers: Stronghold
I have caught Penny playing this game when Henry is asleep.
You place Autobots on the tops of buildings and then defend against the Decepticon onslaught.

Lego Star Wars: The Quest for R2-D2
In this game you get to be a good guy or bad guy and try to fight your way to....something.
I dunno, we usually die before we get to where we're going.

The Avengers Bunker Busters
This one has some kind of carnival Big Top cannon where you launch super heroes at bad guys.

Agent Freeride
This game has a James Bond vibe. You're a secret agent who needs to snowboard past bad guys to safety.
Another fun one for grown-ups. Plus the name sounds like a Foghat song,.