The Johnsonian

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Close the door now.
The room will never look this nice again.

Here are some photos of our nursery.
We figured this is the cleanest and most organized it will ever be,
so we might as well capture the moment now.

Shermag Glider/Recliner
This is where we plan on spending a lot of nights.

Also, I'm really proud of the fact that before our kid is even born
his bookshelf is almost totally full of books.

The Owl hanging on the wall was carved by my Grandpa Coble.

His wings are usually at his sides,
but when you hang something on the hook the wings go up.

Crib Corner
This crib is really cool. It starts out as a baby's crib, and then when the kid gets bigger, it transforms into a big-boy bed. We also got a changing table that seems more like a real dresser than some of the more babified furniture out there.

What it boils down to is:
We are never buying this kid another piece of furniture
until he moves into the dorms.

These used to be our DVD shelves
(back when we used to have a TV room).

Closets are for Clothes
All of these clothes are arranged in order by size.
(Nesting, party of two.)


Here is a photo of Bukowski with Love/Hate scratch mittens on.


Right now her little feline mind is thinking "I'd kill you if I could hold a gun."

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Eight Months

8 Months Plus

8 Months Plus

8 Months Plus

A little early for Halloween...


Thanks Big Andy!