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Monday, May 28, 2007

Tigers, Mummies and a Dinosaur

Hank just picked up waving the other day, and man he digs it. Now he's waving at us, the dog, people going by, cars going by, mailboxes. He gets into it. He is recovering nicely from a double ear infection (in both ears...not twice in one ear) and is back to his old cheerful self.

He's babbling like crazy and is excited about some of the new pitchers the Tigers are bringing up. Nobody has replaced Kenny Rogers yet in his opinion, but some of the young talent look like they can throw.

Heavy Drinker
He can hold the bottle on his own now, just like his old man.

He's with the band
He plays the guitar (though in an unorthodox style)

We have given up all hope of preventing Hank from chewing on
Daisy's dog toys, so he pretty much has two sets of toys now.

We had a fun play date with Hank's cousins where Conor and Lili mummified Aiden in toilet paper.

Conor was very excited to have his baby cousin sit on his lap,
but was soon crying "He's Stinky! Get Him OFF OF ME!!!"
which is what is happening here.
Barney the Dinosaur voiced no opinion either way.

Bless You Boys
Couple of Tigers fans

Hank and Penny get smiley on the porch.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


So my parents always tell the story of when I (Zac) was little, they used to give me a pickle when we would go out to eat. I would chomp away at the pickle and eventually someone would come over and say "Oh what a cute baby!" until my garlic/vinegar breath made them turn away in disgust. This worked especially well with vampires.

Just recently we've been giving Hank little bites at pickles, and he's really into them. He chomps away, but occasionally the bitterness gets the best of him and he makes this awesome squinty face. It's kinda tough to see (since this was taken with the camera in my phone) but I think you'll get the picture.

Yes, we have a baby in a bar. Art's Tavern to be exact.

More junky photos from my cameraphone:
Art's Tavern'

Art's Tavern'

Art's Tavern'
Hooray Pickles!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Flying Saucer

Man oh man. Here is a little video of Daisy and Hank playing tug-of-war with a pizza pan.

The cat is not amused.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Hank is now crawling like for real "Lock all of the cupboards and block all of the stairs" crawling. We're a little concerned that his first solid food is going to be dog food. We tried him on some Cheerios, but he didn't really grasp the concept, so we'll try back in a couple days. He and Daisy play a lot now, and Daisy wants to be around him all of the time.

Plus: He really likes taking a bath:

Bath Time!
(Click for larger image if your desktop needs a little Hank)

(Click for larger image if your work allows naked babies to be on your desktop)

Bath Time!



Note, that is not a pack of Cigarettes in his hand.
(Click for larger image if your computer needs a smiling little boy on it)