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Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Stand-Up Guy

So this is what's new:
If we stand Hank up next to something he can hold on to, he can hold himself upright and even stand for a little while.

Stand Up Comedian

Look Out World!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Christmas... and Beyond!

Hank is now 4 months old, weighs 15 lbs 10 oz, and is 27 inches long. He is in the 97th percentile in height, and the doctor thinks he'll be about 6'4" when he's done. Upon hearing this news, his Gramps said "But I don't even LIKE basketball!"

The bad news is that he has eczema (really dry skin) on his arms, legs, back and face. It looks really itchy and totally grosses us out. He is on a regimen of ointments and salves that a snakeoil salesman would be proud to see.

He's also getting teeth now. He's got his two middle lower teeth (he looks like a little woodchuck) and more on the way, which makes him drooly and occasionally unpleasant to be around. He rolls over from back to front like a champ, and can get over to his back again occasionally.

Hank started day care two weeks ago at Gretchen's House and seems to be enjoying it. They call the rooms "Pods" which makes their facility sound like a science fiction movie.

Now, on to the pictures:

Sweet Boy
Smilin' at Christmas

Laughing with Grandma

Three Wise Guys
Christmas Day

The Fam'
My sister Celia and her daughter Josie.
(oh, and Hank)

Berry Nice
Hank got this cool strawberry hat knitted by his Grandma.

Berry Berry Nice

The Lil'ist Thug
Another hat.
(It is winter in the Midwest you know)

Hank has started sitting up on his own
(if he can grab on to something and pull).

Hank's cousin Conor seems unsure

Emily Photo 1
My sister Emily needed to take portraits for her photography class,
so she took pictures of me and Hank (back in October)

Us in our Kitchen

The Littlest Sidekick